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Origin Story

My friend Tyson told me, "Hey, you should photograph wine bottles." And I was like "... Hey yeah, I totally should."

Thus Pro Bottle Shot was born.

What we do

Photograph bottles on white backgrounds for point of sale with an emphasis on perfection and consistency from shot to shot. This helps your products sell. Also its fast and cheap for you.

Also, if you have some sort of other product, I can probably make it look good.



$100 per bottle shot. But there is a bulk discount.


Custom work starts at $250 and  goes up. Ask for a quote.

How it works

Who we like to work with

Easy going professionals. Usually folks in early stages of launching a wine or beer brand. Also designers.  And also some marketing people.  And further also,  I do some custom shoots, we can talk.

First  email us, tell us about what you need.

Second get your bottles to our "studio". Ship or drop off.

Third download the images.

Fourth pick your bottles up or we can ship them back, or have some friends over and we will drink them.


Work | Some of the fine businesses we Helped.

Project: Highway 12


Tasks:  Make killer photos.


Description: Tasked with coming up with something crisp and clean with life and movement in it. Nailed it.

Project: Cultivar


Tasks: Go out to the vineyard and shoot it.


Description: Get cool pictures of the grounds as the seasons change. Again, nailed it.

Project: Molton Wines


Tasks:  Just plain bottle shots for the website.


Description: A typical bottle shot order I did awhile back. And yet again.. nailed it.  Click here to see high rez.

FAQs | We got answers. Like seriously, look at all these answers.

Will my bottles be returned?

Yes, we can return the bottles. Just print off a shipping return label and put it in with your bottles before you send them out. Otherwise the bottles will be donated to the Diabetic Youth Foundation and be part of an auction item at their yearly gala. This way your brand gets good exposure while helping diabetic children have way much more rad lives.


Do I get the copyrights to the photos?

Yes, you have unlimited usage right to your photos forever. Sometimes I'll use the image in a portfolio to show folks what I can do.


Is the image resolution enough for large prints?

Yep. We have seen these shots look great on billboards as well as sale sheet printouts.


Can I have custom highlights done on my bottle?

Eh.. sure, why not.  If you have some old bottle shots already, just upload an example with your order and I'll will match it and preserve your consistency.


How long does it take?

5-10 days from when we receive the bottles. For rush delivery we will have it done in three days with an additional $25 per image.


Will this get me results?

Yes, everyone knows that if you want to sell something online you need some kick ass photography. Great and consistent point-of-sale photography of your bottles is absolutely critical to earning that trust and building the creditability to convert web traffic visitors into sales. Have you ever ordered anything on Amazon that had a bad or no picture? Bottom down synergistic scalability.

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